Hover revolt of gamers download

Hover revolt of gamers download

DESCRIPTION / DOWNLOAD ABOUT THE GAME You'll have to free the citizen restrained by autorities, localise and then infiltrate anti video games propaganda control centers, retrieve gaming consoles confiscated from the population to overthrow the new Mayor, who is the cause of this mess. May 31,  · Hover is a fast-paced single and multiplayer Parkour game in a futuristic 3D Open World. The game takes place in ECP17, a high-tech city also called Hover City . Free Download Hover: Revolt of Gamers PC Game – The game takes place in ECP17, a high-tech city also called Hover City by its inhabitants and located on a distant planet. The Great Admin cut the communication with the Galactic Union and established a strong dictatorship. Having fun has become illegal and entertainment is banished. Hover Revolt Of Gamers MAC Game is a fast-paced single-player and multiplayer game set in a futuristic 3D Open World.. The game is carried out in ECP17, a city of high technology that is also called by the name of Hover City by its inhabitants and it is existing on a planet very far away. Created and developed by 3 young independant developers, "Hover: Revolt of Gamers" is a free runner in a futuristic 3D open world. Between the crazy Jet Set Radio, the interactivity of Mirror's Edge and inspired by films like "The Fifth Element" or "Star Wars", Hover let you play as a Gamer Team from another world, appalled at the dictatorship.

It was released in 6 Apr, You can join your friends online at any time and progress throughout the adventure in their company, wether you are cooperating or working against them.

Hover revolt of gamers download

Participate in races created in real time by the community as well. Extract 2.

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Hover revolt of gamers download

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Hover revolt of gamers download

Hover Revolt Of Gamers. God Wars The Complete Legend. Our World Is Ended.

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