Demetra software update

Demetra software update

Our helpdesk provides you with prompt phone support. A team of experienced support engineers is at your service for any professional assistance. Feb 28,  · Alpy and Demetra Software - posted in Observational Astrophysics: Hi, A while back I git an Alpy and found that I needed the guider and calibrator to use the Alpy to its maximum potential-which I just got-the guider and the calibrator. I have a Atik Infinity camera for spectra acquisition and just getting started with the Dementra software program-which is designed for the Alpy. In this spirit, since the 90s, Eurostat has been playing a role in the promotion, development and maintenance of a software solution (Demetra) freely available for seasonal adjustment in line with established best practices. In , ESS (European Statistical System) guidelines on SA have been endorsed by the CMFB and the Read more. Demetra is offered as a service, so there are no financial risks or big investments. It means you’ll get access to all the features and functionalities you need via a monthly fee. The pricing includes access to new features, dedicated support and regular refreshes of both software . Find more information, inspiration, materials and technology about the product DEMETRA Table. Find more information, inspiration, materials and technology about the product DEMETRA Table. Demetra has an adjustable, turnable and tiltable head with integrated dimmer switch atop an extending arm allowing for direct LED light diffusion.

Astronomical spectroscopy for research, industry, education and leisure.

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Like Simplicity? Demetra manages acquisitions AND data reduction, as well as spectra plotting. Like to share? Demetra allows you to show your spectra right after the acquisitions.

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Are you a little forgetfull, or have you mind in the stars? Demetra will help produce quality spectra.

Demetra software update

Are you a rebel? Demetra also knows how to be forgotten and gives you the full control of the observation.


You are the boss. Developed by Shelyak Instruments, with the Alpy in mind,.

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  • We work tirelessly to make the spectroscopy easier and more accessible to as many observers as possible. Our experience in helping newcomers showed to us that the data reduction — which consists in extracting the scientific information from raw images — is a complex phase for most of us.

    We wanted to create a tool which simplifies this task greatly, and brings a helping hand during your observations.

    Demetra software update

    With Demetra, we have some ambitious goals: — The software needs to HELP the user during the observations, and let him choose how to work.

    Demetra will help the observer to get the best out of his instrument.

    The software that just makes want to do spectroscopy!

    You keep the control , and you are always responsible for the results you produce. These goals led us to new methods and solutions to help you during observations.

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  • First, the data reduction process is the core of Demetra. This process defines the required images, and organize them in a simple and visual way.

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    This also ensures a high scientific quality of the result. Then, Demetra does not only produce or use images, but manages whole observations.

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    An observation is a consistent set of images : target spectra, of course, but also reference images bias, darks, calibration, and so on. Demetra uses a simple color coding to quiclky see what element is missing.

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    On top of that, Demetra embeds an electronic log file , that allows you to record any useful information during the observing session.

    Finally, Demetra offers a full set of tools available from the acquisition step: display the different areas in the image, real time profile display , automatic saturation detection , and so on. Then, you can test it, install it on several computers, share it with your friends. Demetra Software is available here. The full documentation is available here.

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    My Account Cart 0 Items. The software that just makes want to do spectroscopy! Why Demetra?

    Demetra software update

    What is new with Demetra? Ok En savoir plus.