Debug windows service using console application programs

Debug windows service using console application programs

Sep 05,  · I am going to write a C# console application that executes another console application. This new application will send sequential commands to the console application based upon values stored in a sql server database. I would like to know how I would debug (step through code)? Can I put a · You should be able to add a call to in. Run Windows Service as a console program Posted: Last updated: Visual Studio and framework make it really easy to create Windows Services. All you have to do is create a new project, select "Windows Service" as your project type and you're all set. To create and run a console application. Start Visual Studio. On the menu bar, choose File, New, Project.. The New Project dialog box opens.. Expand Installed, expand Templates, expand Visual C#, and then choose Console Application.. In the Name box, specify a name for your project, and then choose the OK button.. The new project appears in Solution Explorer.. If isn't open in the. Mar 29,  · This step-by-step article describes how to debug a Windows service by using the WinDbg debugger ( To debug a Windows service, you can attach the WinDbg debugger to the process that hosts the service after the service starts, or you can configure the service to start with the WinDbg debugger attached so that you can troubleshoot service-startup-related problems.

Remark: all screenshots are created on a french Visual Studio, so the images are in french, but I'll try to convert the terms in English. When we develop.

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  • Net Windows Services we are soon faced of debugging problem. In addition we regularly start, stop the service, as well install and uninstall it.

    Table of Contents

    This article propose to transform our Windows Service to application console to allow to debug more easier, as well as manage all service through command line parameters, and thus simplify its management. All that will be presented is not new, you will find a lot of articles on the subject across the Web, we just to gather all in one article, as a reminder. We rename the class "Service1" to "svcMyService" and the name of the service "My Service" in the property grid opened:.

    So, in the Solution Explorer, we rename the file "Service1. The last step is to create a service installer. From the designer of the service if it's closed, open it with a double click on "svcMyService. In the opened designer, select "serviceProcessInstaller1" to change the running service account, in our case choose "LocalSystem". By selecting "serviceInstaller1" we can change the display informations in the services manager.

    If you run the program a dialog is displayed to inform you that is a service that need to be installed and started.

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    On Windows 8. Of course, before update your code and recompile your service, you must at least stop your service with "net stop". This whole procedure is sometimes tedious, and also poses a problem in debugging, if the service does not correctly startup, you haven't time to attach the debugger to trace what happens.

    The idea to help us debugging is to create a console application that simulate the service execution when it run under Visual Studio. After, the idea is to check if we are in service mode or debug mode, for this we need to known if we are in interactive mode, we use the Environment.

    UserInteractive property for that, and we need to know if we are in debug mode with the System. IsAttached property. Another advantage is that you can create a log system that display message on the console, it's direct and readable.

    You can resolve this problem, by running Visual Studio as Administrator, and the when the service is launched it get the administrator rights. A service, when it starting, do some tasks create an event log source, etc.

    It's your job to d all it's needed for your service. Caution, this mode don't make you free to debug as service mode, it allows you to quickly debug your service, but your to test in service mode to ensure the correct behavior of the service in is normal mode. A service for running, need to be installed it is registered to the Windows ServiceManager. To install a. Net Service we need to run the command "InstallUtil.

    How to debug Windows services

    Net Framework folder. This command is sometimes a bit long to write, even when it is necessary to install the service with an installer, it is necessary to locate the folder of the corresponding framework, etc.

    As we have now a console application, we can use it to facilitate the work. ManagedInstallerClass that contains some helpers methods to do it.

    We will change our console application to supports 'commands' like install and uninstall. For the same reasons as before, we will use some command line arguments of our console application. And for this we use the System. ServiceController class. So we add deux commands start and stop between our two commands insall and uninstall.

    Debug windows service using console application programs

    How we process the commands, allows us to combine installation and startup in one command line. Same for stop and uninstall. The order of the commands in the command line is not important, because we process the commands in the good order we test 'stop' before 'uninstall'.

    We can create a command to process in one command the installation and the startup. Same as for stopping and uninstall the service. In our example, we implement it with the commands 'start-services' and 'stop-services', we process these commands first. We run the services in interactive mode only in debug mode.

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    But it could be usefull to run the services in interactive mode. Si we can add a command for it. United States English. Post an article.

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  • Subscribe to Article RSS. Click Sign In to add the tip, solution, correction or comment that will help other users. Report inappropriate content using these instructions. C : Windows Service in console mode for debug and admin.

    Debug windows service using console application programs

    Table of Contents. ServiceBase[] ServicesToRun;. Run ServicesToRun ;. WriteLine ;. WriteLine "Start the services in interactive mode. Instance BindingFlags.

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    NonPublic ;. ServiceName ;.

    Run Windows Service as a console program

    WriteLine "Started" ;. WriteLine "Press a key to stop services et finish process ReadKey ;. Invoke service, null ;. WriteLine "Stopped" ;. WriteLine "All services are stopped.

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    IsNullOrWhiteSpace command return false ;. Equals a, command, StringComparison. OrdinalIgnoreCase ;. GetCommandLineArgs ;.

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  • WriteLine "Commands : " ;. WriteLine " - install : Install the services" ;. WriteLine " - uninstall : Uninstall the services" ;. Message ;.

    How to: Debug Windows Service Applications

    Start ;. Running, TimeSpan. FromSeconds 10 ;.

    Debug windows service using console application programs

    Stop ;. Stopped, TimeSpan. Return to Top.