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Garritan Personal Orchestra update. Hope this is in the right place Or, anyone who might have an issue Hit your NI account, and go to your Updates protected. You wil now have 2 numbers for GPO. You will need both for a completely new install. The new installer will install several things. First : If you have the original plug-in and library installed, leave it for now.

garritan personal orchestra 4

If you do not Do a "Custom Install" and direct the library to the disk and folder you want. It will auto-install to a subfolder of that called "GPO Library.

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  • Just get the standalone to install. Run the Registration Tool found in..

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  • Be sure to use your orignal serial from GPO for this!!! You will need the original library autorized to have it work right in the new update Second : Install the update.

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    Easy Install is fine. Otherwise, you end up with multiple NI instrument folders, which are not prefixed with "NI" or anything. Once you have that selected, it will install the new Kontakt2 Player in it's own folder, called drum roll please : Kontakt Player 2.

    This is the new consolidation thing NI has going on, so if you have other libraries using the Kontakt Player 2 engine, they will share this puppy now I am assuming.. Default is to install it in the..


    Finally, direct it to install the library portion wherever you would like your samples for GPO to be assuming you are using a seperate disk from the System drive for this. Let it do it's magic, and sit back with a nice string of drool swinging from your mouth in anticipation Almost there Three : OK. Once finished, nav over to the drive you directed it to install the library so you know exactly where it is. The original Library should have installed into a folder called "GPO Library" and had content and subfolders with more content within it.

    Move the files.

    Garritan Personal Orchestra 5

    Otherwise, simply make a copy of them, and paste into that new GPO KP2 Library folder not in it's subfolders, the main folder!

    You must have done the Authorization Tool on the original GPO library prior to this, or this part will fail in some part.

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    Once launched, login, and then you should see your nice new Kontakt Player 2 waiting for autorization. If the box next to it is not checked, do so, and click next.

    All should go well, and you should now be able to launch the stand-alone of the Kontakt Player 2 software, and you should see the Garritan Personal Orchestra library available for use!!! Review my directions, and if that does not reveal your error, post, email The new update changes how GPO works GPO runs within the KP2 now basically.

    I am not sure if I like it more than the original or not yet. But, it is so nice to have it back!

    Good luck! Last edited by nikki-k on Sat Mar 17, am, edited 1 time in total.

    David Nahmani Site Admin. Fri Mar 16, pm Thanks for posting it. I'm going to move this to announcements! I'm having a bit of trouble with this Do I need to make alias files or something? Did you move or copy the 3 original.

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  • Have you seen the page for helping with the install process? Worst case, if you dont have it resolved by tomorrow afternoon, I could offer to send you my phone number, and then I can walk thru some quickie trouble-shooting to see if I can help find out why it isnt working.