Clio water leak drivers footwell

Clio water leak drivers footwell

I have a renault clio dci 65 extreme which has started to leak in the passenger footwell i cannot find where the leak is coming from i heard it may be sunroof but seals seem fine i have also read that sunroofs have drainage holes that could get blocked where are they? and how do i get to them i have no idea how to remove the sunroof door seals are ok except for some water inside passenger. Feb 12,  · Renault clio water in passenger footwell clio 04 model. If it happens after raining then this will rule out any possible heater matrix first step really is to find the actual source of the leak and where its likly to be coming from and can be caused either by scuttle drain blocked / windscreen seal faulty / door rubber seal faulty /. Aug 11,  · Recently I found a lot of water in a footwell under the driver's seat. This happened after a long rain. I learned that water gets to the salon due to clogged drainage holes. In this video I show. Oct 19,  · Leaks on inside Toyota Corrolla on the passenger side. It could be water condensing from the A/C and dripping onto the passenger rug. Check under the passenger side dashboard, above the footwell, for the drain pipe from the A/C. If it's loose the water may leak into the footwell .

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Clio water leak drivers footwell

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Thread starter caister Start date May 19, Tags footwell rain. PH1 Sport. On the way home today I noticed that my drivers mat and the carpet are soaked. When I got back the carpet came up and the yellow soundproofing underneath is like a wet sponge! First thing I did was check the door seals which seemed fine so out come the hose! I sprayed the water in every direction I could aiming at the door and no water got passed the seals into the car.

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I couldn't locate where is was coming in so Ive left the carpet up with the hope that it drys! Ive tried a search and from what I can tell its probably the drains under the scuttle panel that are blocked or possibly the aircon drain pipe? I took the drivers side scuttle panel off but couldn't see any drains.

To find them do I need to remove everything in there? Also where is the aircon drain pipe? I'm going to give a service tomorrow weather permitting so just need some help in pinpointing this leak. Hope someone can help Cheers.

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Black ph2. I had the same problem and it wasnt till i polished the car i noticed a slight gap in my side skirt where the water was getting in and then coming out from under the passangers seat. Fixed the issue now just waiting for all the water to get out and dry up. The side skirts not part of the interior though?? Think its gettin into the side skirt then sloshin around and then coming in. Just been driving round with the heaters on full to try and dry it out but i can still hear some water sloshing around.

It's more likely the scuttle drains as you said. The main one is in the centre coming out on the bulkhead down behind the engine, you'll need to look carefully for a smalll rubber hose emerging from the bulkhead. Da said:. It has a small flap on the end of it which is designed to stop water being forced up the hose and into the scuttle area. I've found that this flap sometimes gets lodged causing a blockage and thus water builds up under the scuttle and drips into the footwell via the low level heater vents.

Well the scuttle drain pipes were fine. So I scratched my head for a while and then stood by the car with the hose for 5 minutes.

Clio water leak drivers footwell

Water then started to pour in from under the plastic covering the inside of the skirt. So I pulled the cover off and noticed an oval gromit which I pulled off and saw that the whole inside of the skirt was full of water. After a bit of invesigation I found a drain hole for the inside of the skirt. Its located next to the rear jacking point and it was blocked solid.

Once I unblocked it I drained 5 litres of water out in total!!! Mine was a faulty heater box, it had rotted. Casual lad. Clio dynamique s. Hello this is my first thread,I've had the water in the drivers side front and rear footwells,I took the plastic front off and cleaned out left and right side drainage holes!

Put every thing back dry,then a couple of days ago it pored down and now I'm back to square one,I read there is a small pipe with a flap coming out of the bulk head this might be blocked. It will either be a blocked drainage hole in the skirt.

There are 3 of them under the car on each side along the skirt.

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Or you need to remove the front wheel arch liner and them is a drain at the bottom that gets blocked with crud. I took about 2 handfuls out from there last time I cleaned it!

Clio 1. Good Morning!

Water in clio footwell

As my username suggest I am not the most technically gifted when it comes to cars. I have the same problems as a lot of other users on here when it comes to leaks in my clio 04 plate.

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  • The first thing I found to try was to take the sunroof out and check that the drainage holes were clear, they were and the water flowed straight through and out under the wheel arches. And then I came across this forum, thank god! I didn't think I would be alone in this problem due to hearing that it was a very common problem with Clios. I am going to get my friend to have a look at some of the possible fixes that I've read on here.

    Now hopefully with the help of other peoples replies I can find a solution to this problem. Now with regards to my other leak I haven't read of this issue anywhere as of yet In the corner of the roof near the windscreen I am getting very wet patches there which has now turned the roofing felt a light green colour. Can anyone solve this for me please? Thanks in advance Glenn.

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  • Clio MK2. I had the same problem with mine.. Floors were ruined. The smell was horrendous and I almost gave up on it all as it just kept coming back.

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    After careful consideration I decided to ignore my dad and brother and take my drivers seat out, Rip the carpet up and see what the problem was..

    I was unable to drive my car for days as the second I done this, the water was slowly getting less.. In the end, I decided enough of waiting and got the hose and sat it over my car.. So as I saw, It was actually coming through the heater foot vents.. So I took them apart, Drained them, Sealed back up the hatch and then..

    Clio water leak drivers footwell

    Check what you dont think it is.. Clueless If you can actually see where its wet to cause this.. Then take it off and look closely at it.. Because it might not actually be your sunroof, Everyone thought it was mine.. But i proved them wrong If not, just get a mechanic just to look over your car.. Its simple, Plus if you know him, it'll be free. Morning Gregaarrss. Thanks for your reply I'm going to start on my car at the weekend and see what I can find but I definitely feel more optimistic now after hearing of your findings!

    Think if I don't sort it soon my floor will collapse and it'll have to be driven like a flintstone car! Ill let you know how I get on at the weekend, thanks again for your help. Ph1 1.

    Renault Clio water in passenger footwell

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