Gene simmons asshole free download torrent

Gene simmons asshole free download torrent

Todo mundo conhece esse cara, ou ao menos já viu o tal “linguarudo da banda dos cabeludos pintados”, como diria minha vó. O baixista e vocalista do Kiss, Gene Simmons, lançou em o seu segundo disco solo, intitulado Asshole, que é meio polêmico e considerado bizarro por alguns, mas mesmo assim, pelo menos a mim até é legalzinho, já que criei simpatia na época do lanç Luiz Meine. Gene Simmons Asshole Released: May 17, Produced by: Gene Simmons Asshole (Gene Simmons, ) This is a song by the Norwegian band Shirley's Temple, written by guitarist/vocalist Frank Tostrup, which Gene purchased for use on his solo. The song was originally released as the title-track of the band's September EP on Capitol/EMI. "Asshole" is a self-indulgent mess, and while Gene Simmons has every right to release it — and sucker a label into distributing it for him — the initial sales seem to indicate that no one much.

According to Gene, "Bob came up with the chords, most of them, and then I took it and wrote lyrics, melody, the rest of it We understood each other right away.

He picked up an acoustic guitar, and we just tossed it back and forth, 'How 'bout this, how 'bout that? And as soon as I heard the first three or four chords, I went, 'Wait, wait, what's that? Do that again.

Regardless of whether the track is developed Gene would be the first licensee for Frank material from Extraordinary Teamwork which manages the licensing of Frank's unreleased music. By the terms of the license Zappa will have to be given a co-writing credit on the song. While Dweezil would play guitar on the recording, both Gail and Ahmet would appear on backing vocals.

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Gene has commented, "'Dog' was mostly written by Bag. It was recorded in bag's living room. Bag played all of the instruments. -

He's also singing harmonies on the song. In that song it struck me as the wolf talking to the little girl, it was very sexual. So I did that spoken word interlude, 'what a big tongue you got, the better to eat you with, my dear. Asshole" would be changed to: "You look like a sheep ba-baah The chorus is sung by myself, my son, Nick, his friend Chris Parrish and his father, Steve. According to Gene, "Bag, who's the first new artist on Simmons Records, wrote that.

Gene simmons asshole free download torrent

I reshaped the song a bit and also added the bridge. I was struck by the poignancy of 'look at me with my makeup messed, I'm so ugly, I've never been kissed. It is likely that this song also dates from at least with Gene's "Weapons Of Mass Destruction " having made it onto at least one prospective song list for the recording of "Psycho Circus.

I always thought the phrase 'weapons of mass destruction' had that vulgar display of power sound to it. Lyrically I took the unholy point of view which is hell is what you make it and this notion that we think we're just here poking sharp sticks at each other, maybe there's a grand jester who's playing on the cosmic chess board" Gene Simmons PR. COM to send in demos, I received close to 5, demos. It didn't have that title. I contacted Dave Williams, the lead singer of the band who wrote it.

I called him, told him I was interested in the track, and changed it around a little, changed the title, it was my chorus idea and I rewrote some of the lyrics. The musical track is Dave and his band. Gene has kept part of the first verse but changed the perspective: "Well alright It had this kind of pan-sexual, 'Lola' The Kinks flavor to it, and also a kind of pathos.

He's a poor guy, who's six foot four in his six-inch heels, a cupid tattoo behind his ear, 'spends all his money on silicone honey,' those lyrics are just classic" GeneSimmons PR. Part's of the song would be updated while Gene was recording the song, "The song's bridge came to Gene when he was working on overdubs in the studio. His father had passed away two years earlier, and the lyrics deal with his feelings towards his father's passing" KISS Kollector.

According to Gene, "Singing on that song is my daughter, Sophie and two of her friends from school.

Gene simmons asshole free download torrent

I wanted kids to be singing on the chorus, it's kinda like Pink Floyd did on The Wall album. I played bass on it. Jeff Diehl, a guy from Indiana, did the rest. I heard this, loved it, asked if he wanted to try a track. By phone I told him how I wanted it to sound. Think of it as I'm Houston and there's a lot of satellites orbiting and I had to keep track of all of them.


This record was put together in a very bizarre way with a lot of different people, and tracks being cut in a lot of different places with different musicians" Gene Simmons PR. The original version was much more of a country song. I gave Bag the ideas I wanted on the song and he translated it musically.

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Bag did all the keyboard stuff and we brought in a pedal steel guitar player" Gene Simmons PR. Dave Navarro, guitarist for Jane's Addiction, plays some lead on the recording, which would be the last track recorded for the album, and the first to be released as a single.

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The track is also the only song on the album prodced by Overseer. This song was originally released in March , from the Prodigy's third album written by Liam Howlett , and was a major European-wide 1.

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There are some similarities, in style and structure not content between the song and some versions of "Carnival Of Souls. According to Liam, "With 'Firestarter,' me and Keith wrote the lyrics together. I'd done the track and played it to him, and he said he'd really like to get some lyrics on it.

It was an interesting notion. Asshole Sheep Edit, Simply the song with the "Ass" in "Asshole" bleeped out with additional sheep sounds Both edits were issued on the early radio single for the song which includes the album track.

It's not clear whether this song was discarded or simply re-titled. According to Jesse Damon, the song demo was "recorded sometime between Around 10 years ago.

Whatever the case the song is stylistically similar to material Gene would later record, notably "Journey Of 1, Years" for the "Psycho Circus" album and can be seen as being a latter-day "Great Expectations. Everybody Knows Gene Simmons, Previously noted as This probably dates to the same period as This page is part of the Kiss Related Recordings and Discographies website. Maintained by Jelle Jansen.

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  • The album was recorded over many months and on different locations, including: Track 1 and 3 recorded at Head Room Studios, Los Angeles. Track 7 recorded at Diehl Production Studio, Indiana. Track 8 engineered by Michael Landau.

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    Track 9, 12 and 13 recorded and engineered with Cheese at Bag's guest room recording console. June , the song "Looking Out The Window" was mentioned for inclusion on the album. Edit versions of the song "Asshole" were issued on the early radio single for the song which also includes the album version: - Asshole Radio Edit, : Simply the song with the "Ass" in "Asshole" bleeped out Gene Simmons.

    Video promo clip. Gene Simmons official.

    Gene simmons asshole free download torrent